Super Bowl Cocktail Recipe: Lunch Box

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By: Ashley Bode

Even if you’re not too interested in watching the Super Bowl this weekend, chances are you’ll still be toasting at a party or hunkering down to watch the commercials. Either way, it would seem fitting to sip on one of America’s favorite football companions, beer.

But if you’re a fair-weather fan of beer, why not try mixing it up a bit? Here is a fan favorite beer cocktail that both beer drinkers and cocktail lovers can agree upon and serves as a great toast for when you’re favorite team scores!

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3/4 bottle beer of your choosing
1 shot amartto almond liqueur
1 ounce orange juice


Photo: Steven Depolo

  1. Fill a glass almost full with beer.
  2. Fill the rest with orange juice (careful not to fill it to the top).
  3. Then take the shot of amaretto and drop it into the cup with the beer and orange juice.