Strawberry Lime Parfait Recipe

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It’s still hot here in Austin, and by hot I mean 105 degrees. Yep that’s right, while most of you around the country are getting out your boots and jackets and making hot apple cider, we are still in the throws of a full blown heat wave!  After lounging by the pool this weekend I decided I needed something cool and refreshing and alas, this Strawberry Lime Parfait was born! I will definitely be making this the next time we have friends over. It is so pretty and freezes well so can be made well in advance.

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    1 large avocado

    juice of two limes

    1 1/5 cup fresh or frozen strawberries (I used half fresh, half frozen)

    Vanilla Stevia

    2 drops doTERRA Lime essential oil

    1 tsp coconut powder (optional)


     Photo: Linda Wagner

    Photo: Linda Wagner

    1. In a blender or food processor, blend the meat of the avocado with lime juice, coconut powder, 2 squeezes of Vanilla Stevia and Lime essential oil until smooth. Divide blended mixture into 2 small rocks glasses.

    2. Next blend the strawberries and 2 more squeezes Vanilla Stevia until smooth.

    Note: If you would like a chunkier consistency, you can blend for a shorter time until desired consistency is reached. Place blended strawberry mixture over the avocado and garnish with lemon and lime.