Green Eggs Recipe

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Recipe by Linda Wagner

As you know, I’m all about eggs. Not just any eggs – they must be amazing eggs. I’m talkin’ farm fresh, free range, happy eggs! They are such a wonderful source of lean protein and you can use them to whip up a meal in minutes. Egg dishes are perfect as a quick, easy and healthy meal anytime; great tasting and great for your waistline.

These particular eggs are from Boggy Creek Farm. They have the best eggs!  They are super fresh and you get to meet the chickens while you’re there.

I really love broccoli in my eggs. I know what you’re thinking, “Broccoli? With eggs?” but I’m telling you, you’ve got to try it.

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3 organic free-range eggs
1 small head of broccoli. chopped fine – you can also include the top half of the stem, it adds a nice crunch!
1 large handful of baby spinach
2 cloves of garlic, chopped fine
2 green onions. chopped fine
organic butter
sea salt & cracked pepper to taste
Cotija cheese to sprinkle on top


  1. In a medium size skillet over medium high heat melt a small pat of butter. Add garlic and green onions.
  2. Then add chopped broccoli including the top half of the broccoli stem and sea salt to taste. Cover and let cook for 1-2 mins or until soft. Next, add baby spinach and beaten eggs. Stir the eggs and veggies around gently in the pan until fully cooked.
  3. Top with fresh cracked pepper and Cotija cheese.