Crayfish Martini Recipe

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With crayfish on the mind, why not stir up classic tradition and serve a crayfish martini instead? Sure it might seem a little aggressive putting a mini lobster into your martini glass, but think of it this way: it will be a cocktail they’ll never forget.

Serve with this Carrot Crayfish Salad and celebrate the rest of the summer in true Swedish tradtion.

Prep Details

Servings: 1

Calories per serving: 200 per serving


1oz SKYY Vodka

1oz SKYY Citrus Vodka

1 crayfish,cooked with shell

2 green olives

juice of half a lime juice



 Photo:  wickenden

Photo: wickenden

1. Add the vodka, lime juice and ice to a shaker and shake well.
2. Pour mixture into a martini glass that has been cooled down with ice.
3. Add olives and crayfish to glass and enjoy.