Arugula Soup Recipe

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I am a soup fanatic. I can’t go a week without having it at least once but I usually eat (drink? slurp?) it for lunch because I guess I feel it isn’t substantial enough for a dinner dish. Now and again though, it can be nice to have something a little lighter for an evening meal and it certainly helps that homemade soups are super quick and easy. The bonus being they also happen to be much tastier and healthier than store-bought soups, which tend to be full of additives, preservatives and salt.

I adore peppery arugula but I’m always disappointed that it’s mostly used as a salad leaf where there are dozens of ways these potent greens can be integrated into your cooking and I especially like it in hot dishes – just like this soup.

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6 shallots

10 salad potatoes

6 heaped cups of arugula

1 vegan vegetable stock cube

olive oil

salt and pepper


Photo: Aine Carlin

1. Thinly slice the shallots. Heat a little oil in a large saucepan, add shallots, season and gently soften for 5-10 minutes. Stir occasionally ensuring the shallots don't brown.

2. Wash, peel, and slice the potatoes. Add to the pan, season and stir. Add the stock cube and top with 4 cups of freshly boiled water. Simmer for 15 minutes until the potatoes have softened.

3. Add arugula (reserving a few leaves for garnish) and allow to wilt. Transfer to a blender, food processor or use a hand blender and blend until completely smooth.

4. Return liquid to pan and gently heat - do not allow to boil.

5. Taste, season if necessary and serve.